drilling (2)Much has been done, much is left to do.

Karyl Melick reports about Thursday:

On Thursday, we were all anxious to get started on our projects.

Jodi, Harrison and Rockne went to the other project again. They said they got so much more done, and they will return again on Friday. They received so much praise tonight from the team they are helping.

The rest of the team returned to our project. We finished scraping the cement caps on the brick columns and Lara painted them. Robby and Karyl scraped the tongue of the trailer and Robby painted it and most of the wrought iron frames as well.

Mike, Steve, Dave and Grandpa Tim worked like horses and completed the top level of the ramp from the door to the landing. Lara and Emily were lumber-toting, wood-cutting and drilling phenomenons.

Of course everyone contributed to the building of the ramp as well as other chores, as we all kept quite busy. The heat was as bad as Florida with no rain for our team. We were thankful for that, though, as the other teams have had some rain and said it was too hot and muggy afterward to keep working.
The man of the house ventured out and talked to Sundi today, which was wonderful to see. He and his family provided us with popsicles after lunch. What a treat. It felt like our insides were being air conditioned.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers! We are so blessed to have a loving and caring church family watching out for us here. You are just as much members of this team as we are. Please continue to pray for our safety in our work and travels.

Pictures from the day:



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