Notes and thoughts on Rev. Melanie Ruta’s message Oct. 19, 2014


Say "yes" to God!We are to live by God’s Will in all we do. We are to do the work God commands. He will tell us what to do and how to do it.

God calls us to use our natural talents, those talents that He gave us, in His service. When God calls us and we respond by saying we are not able, it’s a false humility. We’re saying that our view of God is smaller than He actually is.

God wants us to trust that He will always equip us to do His will. We need to be fully committed and engaged in responding to God’s call.

Sometimes we see immediate results from the work God has called us to do, but often the total work will not be completed in our lifetime and sometimes not even for generations.

We need to do for future generations what previous generations have done for us by building up the Body of Christ in this world.

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