Notes and thoughts on Rev. Melanie Ruta’s message Sept. 21, 2014


The Word of the Lord is a gift to us

We make a big deal out of celebrating the New Year, but merely flipping the page on the calendar isn’t magic, it doesn’t make everything better, it doesn’t fix what was wrong. However, there is something that does make everything new: The gift of Jesus Christ.

Though “out with the old, in with the new” can refer to a lot of things—relationships, jobs, material possessions—Pastor Melanie says it’s a great way to describe a new beginning in Christ.

Once you know Christ, you have a new reality—and there’s no going back. You now see through the eyes of Christ.

God sent Jesus to restore our relationship with Him and with each other. That restoration is a gift. Our faith is a gift.

And what do you do with a gift?

Open it,

enjoy it and

share it.

Accept the gift of Christ and share it within and beyond Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church.


These notes were posted by Jackie Clement. Please add your comments below.