Adult & Guest Programs

TPC believes fellowship, membership, and community are key elements of the Christian lifestyle.  To that end, TPC offers many flexible programs to enable our members and community to come together and grow in the spirit of fellowship and fun.

Members, neighbors, friends, and newcomers are all welcome to join us.  Please check out the calendar and pick the event that interests you.  We look forward to seeing you.

Our programs include:

Harmonious Sunday Nights is a collection of Sunday evening programs that includes dinner, Music Makers for children toddler through grade 5, study and fellowship for youth, and Bible study for women. For more information, contact Jodi Keyek at

Band of Brothers is a group of men that meets each Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. at Perkins restaurant on University Blvd. near Forsyth Rd. For more information, contact Jerry Clement at

Women’s Coffee Connection meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month throughout the year at the Panera Bread on the corner of Red Bug Lake Road and Tuskawilla Road, from 7:30 p.m. until the conversation runs out! You do not need to be a TPC member so grab a friend and join us!

L.A.R.K.s (Life After Raising Kids) is an adult fellowship group for seniors (members and friends of TPC) that meets on the third Tuesday of every month for lunch in various restaurants. Reservations are necessary and all events are “dutch treat.” Watch the bulletin or check the calendar for details. 

Alcoholics Anonymous is a recovery support group for those who struggle with an addiction to alcohol. The group meets every Friday evening at 8 p.m. in the chapel in the Activities Building. All are welcome.

Al-Anon is a support group for family members of someone who struggles with addiction to alcohol. This group meets every Friday evening at 8 p.m. in the MacDonald Room located in the Church Office Building.

Music Ministry combines our members with professional grade music skills with our broader community to make beautiful sounds for us all.

Prayer Shawl Ministry knit their way to a shared joy and artistic series of prayer shawls and blankets.

Outreach Committee works to extend the good will and works of TPC to our neighbors, communities, friends, and those in need.

Communication Committee works to ensure that the church messages and information are available to all members and that a constant sense of “WELCOME” is expressed to those wishing to be our guests.

Youth Committee oversees the youth programs and activities to ensure that TPC’s programs serve its membership and offer safe, wholesome, and useful programs for our youth.

Christian Education Committee provides TPC’s Sunday School education programs for our young children.  While separate from the adult ministries and preschool programs, Christian Education Committee will periodically work with these programs to share their lessons and strengths to build all three programs.

Buildings and Grounds Committee focuses on keeping the church grounds and facilities safe and operational.

Finance Committee ensures that the TPC budget and expenses are properly managed to provide a lifelong resource to our members and community.

Worship Committee facilitates all of the details of the TPC Sanctuary to ensure that every worship service is ready to honor Presbyterian tradition and provide a wholesome and complete experience to those joining in TPC worship services.

Community Connection (our newest program) is developing a series of educational programs for TPC to offer to our community and neighbors a way to gather, learn and grow through the use of TPC’s facilities and connections.