Notes and thoughts on Youth Director Tyler Lutz’s message June 22, 2014


Call it all joyLife is hard. We all go through tough times, we all face challenges. But even when we are confronted with trials, God is still with us, loving us, caring for us.

Tyler made three important points:

1. God has a purpose in life’s inevitable trials. The world is broken; bad things happen. But there are reasons for the trials, even if we can’t immediately see or understand them.

2. Approach trials with faith in God, not in man. Even when it’s hard for us to see, God is in control. Trusting in man (ourselves or other humans) is like trying to walk on a waterbed – it’s hard to stay upright, easy to fall, and difficult to get up again. Placing our faith in God puts us on a solid foundation – it’s much easier to stay upright and, if we fall, it’s much easier to get up again. Know that God always protects and sustains His people.

3. When we doubt or lack wisdom, ask God in faith and He will give us what we need. When bad things happen, fix your eyes on God. Don’t focus on the trial alone; look at the big picture.

Count it all joy!


These notes were posted by Jackie Clement. You are welcome to add your comments below.