Debt is a subject that most of us are probably quite familiar with.

This forgiveness we have ultimately received from God does so much more than just wipe our slate clean. - Rev Chris KirwanChances are we have had it, continue to have it, or will accrue it at some point in our life, as sad as that is. The Bible even goes at length to discuss the issue of indebtedness—not just with money, but also in regards to our own sinful nature.

Often one of the hardest things to do is forgive someone for anything—for money they owe us, for an action or wrong they have committed against us, or something they failed to do or follow through with.

In our me-centric culture, forgiving sometimes makes us feel that we have lost a battle. We gave in at a time when giving in wasn’t warranted nor needed. But those factors are not prerequisites to forgiveness, and least not in regards to God’s standards and stance on forgiveness.

Certainly, we are a people with a great debt. Our sins are probably too numerous to count. We focus on the wrong group or person, or idols in our own life. We have made many mistakes, and sometimes even repeat our previous sins or make the same mistake on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

When we have debt, we are essentially enslaved. We are at the mercy of the one to whom we are indebted.

That is why God is so amazing. Certainly what we owe to God is so great that it’s a debt we could never repay. It is not something that could be purged simply by uttering some words or paying enough money. Instead, it required the life of God’s son, and that is a pretty hefty sum.

Our spiritual and sinful debt has been forgiven. We have been set free of that debt and we should act accordingly. That means forgiving others as God has forgiven us instead of keeping track of what others owe us.  

This forgiveness we have ultimately received from God does so much more than just wipe our slate clean. It lifts us out of the mental state of feeling burdened and overwhelmed with an unconquerable debt. It frees us to act in ways that display more love, grace and mercy towards others than we would otherwise be able to give.

When we accept God’s forgiveness and offer that same forgiveness to others, we free ourselves to live the life God wants for us. That’s why it’s so important for us to shed debt, forgive the indebted and embrace our own forgiveness.