Once again, our world has been confronted with more acts of violence, and we pray.

In the face of violence, we pray for love, for comfort, for healing and for peace.We pray for the families, loved ones and colleagues of the two police officers who lost their lives serving and protecting the citizens of Kissimmee. We pray for the Kissimmee Police Department and all officers everywhere who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep us safe.

We pray for the people in Barcelona and Finland—for those who were killed or injured as they went about their business and enjoying their lives, and for their loved ones.

We pray for healing, for comfort, for love and for peace.

All this violence is senseless and unnecessary. We can find no explanation for this in our human capacity for understanding.

Our hope is that our lives and love of life will not be impacted by these acts.

We pray that all of God’s children will continue to be bold, be courageous and kind. Be cautious, yes, but do not let all of this negativity alter your outlook on this life—a life that God intended us to live with love, joy, hope and kindness.