AndrewMills-168RELEVANT magazine is “The Magazine on Faith, Culture and Intentional Living.” If you are interested in exploring the intersection of faith and pop culture and are in your 20s or 30s (though they do cover plenty of issues that would appeal to baby boomers and seniors), then this magazine is for you.

The name RELEVANT isn’t meant to imply that they try really hard at being relevant, but rather, it reflects their conviction that God is relevant to every aspect of our lives — and that conviction drives their mission.

Relevant MagazineOpen a new tab and head on over to their online magazine at and start exploring now. But be warned: It’s easy to find yourself spending more time there than you originally intended. You’ll find yourself jumping from one article of interest to another, getting lost in all the great information.

The broad categories of ‘God’, ‘Life’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Current’ contain articles covering everything from theology to relationships, media to politics, and career planning to all things ‘viral.’ A good article to start your journey with is “Yes, Millennials, You Need the Local Church” (click to read).

In addition to reading articles, you can listen to and discover great music by checking out ‘The Drop’ while you are there. I’ve been enjoying a band, The City Harmonic, which has an entire album that you can listen to for free.

Lastly, they feature great podcasts in which the normal content of the magazine is presented as a radio show which can be easily downloaded to your iPod or iPhone to listen to on the go.