Notes and thoughts on Rev. Melanie Ruta’s message Sept. 28, 2014


Tuskawilla Presbyterian ChurchPastor Melanie’s message was based on Luke 8:26-39, the story of Jesus healing a man possessed by demons. What Jesus did was a testament to the awesomeness of God’s power to affect transformation in our lives.

Reading the passage with modern-day knowledge, we might question whether Jesus was casting out demons or healing mental illness – but either way, it’s a powerful message: A life that has been disrupted can be restored by Jesus.

We tend to define ourselves by our problems, disappointments and despairs. When we do that, we are being less than what God wants for us.

We live in a world that is changing rapidly. People often feel threatened by and afraid of change when it comes into their lives and community. We often prefer to stay with our dysfunctions even when healing is better.

Congregations such as Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church are facing change, and we have the choice to deal with the change and become healthier or stay the same and decline. This is one of the issues that makes this time at Tuskawilla Presbyterian so exciting.

Let us each be a walking billboard for who we are as beloved children of God, restored by His love and grace.

These notes were posted by Jackie Clement. Please add your comments below.