Most of us will at least occasionally be frustrated with God.

God is with usOur future may seem uncertain because we don’t know what God has in store for us. We might question whether we believe God is still around, or listening to us, or walking this journey of life with us.

Sometimes God can seem as hidden as a needle in a haystack. This results in mounting aggravation, which leads to cloudy thoughts, a lack of focus, and an even more challenging time seeking that which is hidden.

In Colossians, Paul implores us to “set [our] minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth, for you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory.” (Col. 3:2-4)

Within these three verses is the hint of seeking that which we cannot always see and finding that which is deftly hidden from plain view. For starters, we are to set our minds on all things heavenly, not earthly.

At first glance, this seems quite challenging: we cannot exactly see, hear, feel, or touch heaven, but we know it’s there. Neither do we inherently know precisely what that focus and concentration might look like. Besides, it is difficult for us to fully brush aside that which is earthly because this is where we live and spend every waking moment of our lives.

But, if we find Christ in our life, then all (or at least most) will be revealed—meaning that we will find our purpose in life. We will find God and God’s presence with us and in us. And, in turn we will also find God and God’s purpose for us.

We must remember that the Old Testament portion of the Bible is filled with instances and accounts of God remaining hidden from people. Frequently, people were unable to see God, only hear Him; and if God was seen it usually meant the end of someone’s life. There were a great deal of traits people did not know about God and that remained hidden, yet they still had faith.

Then, along came Christ and God was further revealed. It’s important to remember that people did not really come to believe in Christ after his miracle birth. Instead, they grew in faith after looking back on his life and all that he did.

So too it goes with us. God has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ (albeit not completely and not fully, but much more than we had before); therefore, we should believe and continue to grow in our faith as we learn more about God. What we have to lean on in times of both certainty and uncertainty is that of faith.

Do we consider such questions as to what is God like and who exactly God is? Do we ponder why pain and suffering exists in a world in which our God created as good? Is there some sort of change God is calling me to make in my life or the life of another?

Let’s explore all of that and see how we can maybe be a positive catalyst for change. We need to understand that even amidst our doubts we are capable of a great many things, all thanks to a once-hidden God being revealed in and through Jesus Christ; and in turn we can reveal and show that to others too.

It is also amidst these doubts in which we find that our faith sustains us. We know that each day we get up and begin anew, God is with us. We know that despite our doubts and fears, God is there to calm them and sustain our faith. We know that no matter how isolated we feel in life, God continues to remain with us and love us immensely.

Maintain the faith while you continue to pursue and understand your own doubts. Do not worry or get discouraged if you do not have all the answers. Do not be afraid to take a risk or a leap of faith in life.

Continue to pray, continue to engage in the Word of God, and continue to make the church community a part of your life. It is through all of these facets that we continue to grow and can eventually begin to see that which is hidden.

It is here where we can learn and condition ourselves to set our minds on that which is heavenly as opposed to that which is earthly. It is here where we can learn more about God and continue to engage our doubts and fears with confidence.

It is here where we can healthily and faithfully discern perhaps a smidgeon of what the future holds for us; and it is here where we can feel comfortable not always seeing what is hidden.