Notes and thoughts on Rev. Walk Jones’ message on July 20, 2014


Eph 2 10Rev. Walk Jones traced the life of Jacob, summarizing chapters 28-35 in Genesis.

From being a “trickster” who stole the birthright from his brother, to being a liar, and a man prone to arrogance, God shows Jacob that He keeps His promises if Jacob will humble himself and admit his need for God. Through a series of humbling events; having to flee his homeland and working twice as long for his uncle to marry the woman he loves, Jacob learns what it is like to be on the other side of being cheated.

In a humbling prayer, Jacob recognizes his need for God and wrestles with Him through the night. Jacob pleads with God to bless him. This is not the type of family blessing which he stole from Esau, but a greater blessing given by God.

This blessing results in having his name changed to Israel, which means ‘one who strives with God’. In a happy reunion with Esau, Jacob receives reconciliation and forgiveness….about the last thing he expects.

Our family, ourselves, our church and our world need the reconciliation which only comes from a humble reliance on our One True God. May the happy ending which Jacob experienced with Esau also be ours as we seek to grow in maturity with God.

Notes posted by Pam Theall. Your comments are welcome and may be posted below.