prayer-dallas-shootings-tuskawilla-presbyterian-christopher-kirwan-1Merciful God, we often want to cry out, “When will it end?!”

How much longer must we endure daily stories of injustice, of violence, of hatred and of people intent on destroying peace and breaking down intentional attempts of love?

We know that You sent Jesus Christ to us, as the Prince of Peace–one who brought not violence, not a weapon, not hatred but the exact opposite of all of those: love, peace, hospitality and humility.

We continually seek that in our own lives and pray that others find that, too–not only for themselves but for the sake of others, Your children, and for the betterment of the world which You have created.

We ask for Your presence with those who have lost loved ones, and with us as we continue to endure heartbreaking stories that overwhelm us and make us feel helpless. Equip us to be conduits of Your peace and Your love so that this world, child by child, becomes a place where fear is eradicated, violence is squelched and love is the goal.

In your mercy, we pray.