Notes and thoughts on Rev. Melanie Ruta’s message Oct. 5, 2014


Children's MessageTechnology in general and social media in particular has changed a lot of the ways we communicate. As Pastor Melanie explained to the children, in Biblical days, a dinner invitation might have been written on a scroll; today, it’s more likely to go out on Facebook.

Social media can certainly make our lives easier, but it’s important to recognize the limitations. You can do almost anything you want online (chat, shop, attend classes, share information, meet people, work, follow Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church and more), but there are some things you have to show up in person to do.

God created us to be in a relationship with Him—a real friendship, with intimacy, dependence, joy and sorrow. God doesn’t want us to passively follow Him as we might follow someone on Twitter; He wants us to be real followers, to follow as disciples, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Our God is a real God, not a virtual one, and He wants us to really love Him. And if we truly love Him, we will keep Him in our hearts and we will share Him with our children.

We live in a spiritual wilderness where there are many temptations. God wants us to come together as friends, to support and care for one another, and celebrate our friendship in God.

Invite someone you know to renew their friendship with God today!

These notes were posted by Jackie Clement. Please add your comments below.

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