By Elder Jodi Keyek

Recently I had the opportunity to serve the sacrament of communion for the first time.

As I prepared, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was the “right” person for this task. 

Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church Communion TableI did my research. I learned what to say. I practiced saying phrases out loud. I struggled with being the one to offer the body and blood of Christ to each person.

There is quite a disagreement on the sacrament of communion. Here are some of the views expressed on the internet on the subject of communion:

I found sites which state that only priest or those ordained should serve. Others stated that elders, deacons can serve. One explains it this way: “Paul wrote instructions concerning the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). Paul later wrote to Timothy about the qualifications for church leaders, bishops/elders and deacons (1 Timothy 3:1-13). In the original language, the word ‘deacon’ comes from a verb that means ‘to serve’…”

Some are confused by the idea that if we need communion to receive Grace then Grace is not free.

Some state that if the bread is Jesus’ body then He is being sacrificed over and over, which contradicts verses in Romans.

And even other studies said that intinction is not in accordance with Biblical principles, citing “…a study committee found strong, compelling biblical and theological support for the practice of partaking of the elements separately – of “eating” AND of “drinking”. Therefore, intinction is out of accord with Scripture.” (

And (finally) another explain it this way: “As [Jesus] instituted the Lord’s Supper, Jesus was focused on the spiritual relationship between Himself and His disciples. He did not provide particulars of how or when or where or by whom the elements should be served, and, therefore, different churches have some freedom to decide those details for themselves. For example, whether a church observes communion once a week or once a month is not really important.” (

The more I read, the more overwhelmed I got.

I am no scholar or even as informed as I could be, so I stepped back and prayed about it. And as I recalled all the flawed people that Jesus has used (and still uses) in his ministry, I came to this conclusion: I am exactly the kind of person Jesus would want.

I understand communion to be a feeding of the Holy Spirit in each of us. I found a special joy in being a small part in renewing the spirit within each of you.

I’d like you to know I am honored. I take this responsibility seriously and would be honored to serve again.

Jodi Keyek is an ordained elder and long-time member of Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church.