Our mission team to Rapid City, South Dakota is staying at the School of Mines. They will be repairing and painting homes in the poorer section of Rapid City, which is home to many Native Americans who have left the Piney Ridge Reservation in search of work and a better life. They will also be doing a children’s Bible School for the neighborhood youngsters in the area where they are working.

South Dakota Mission TeamTeam members are: Susan Baccus, Katrina Baccus, Sundi Bales, Bailey Crosby-Collier, Harrison Hullinger, Rockne Keyek, Karyl Melick, Phillip Peeples, Ron Raby, Jake Sonnie, Ben Schwartz and Robby Taylor.

Day 1 Report from Sundi Bales:

Hello TPC! Today we head out for our first work day after flying in yesterday. Rapid City is beautiful and thank you dear Lord for the wonderful weather. VBS this morning for half of us and then to the work site meeting with the rest of us. We’re all excited to meet the kids and family we’ll be helping. What a blessing and we give many thanks.

Day 2 Report from Bailey Crosby-Collier:

South Dakota Mission 2

Tuesday we went to CBS in the morning, it was amazing how quickly the word spread within one day!

South Dakota Mission 3Then we went the work site and I began working on the back porch. It is a whole lot of work but totally worth it!



I cannot express how proud I am of myself and the rest of the team.


Day 3 Report from Katrina Baccus:

South Dakota Mission 5Today we continued staining the back deck and finished the stage behind Head Start. We also painted the round stumps in the playground different colors, started painting the sand box area, and cleaned out and prepped the playhouse for painting tomorrow.

South Dakota Mission 4






In the front of Head Start, Sundi taught Rockne and Jake to plant flowers in the pots while Harrison weed whacked the front lawn. Robby helped another small team paint an inner room of the building.

South Dakota Mission 8


Then later tonight we went to a pow wow. We got to dance with the Indians, learned the war cry for men and women’s cry for dancing, and watched Native Americans of all ages do different dances.

South Dakota Mission 7

Afterwards we had ice cream at Culver’s.




Day 4 Report from Harrison Hullinger:

South Dakota Mission 9


Thursday we finished at the Head Start school. We painted a pavilion, stained the back porch and replaced the front door frames and painted them. The Head Start staff showed their thanks by giving us pizza for lunch.



South Dakota Mission 10Afterwards I hurt my knee playing football. But luckily it is not a serious injury.

South Dakota Mission 12








South Dakota Mission 11