“What we need to see in tomorrow is hope. What we need to see in today is potential. And what we need to see in the past is experience and wisdom.” ~ Rev. Chris KirwanHorizons mark the beginning of a new day, or perhaps, to some, even the end of another, depending on where you are.

Every time someone is fortunate enough to witness the sun rising, we are reminded of God’s beauty and wonderment. With that new rising also comes a certain sense of hope, and a new, fresh, clean slate to begin the day.

Perhaps this is the day where we accomplish one of our long-term goals. Perhaps this is the day where one discovers their long lost love, or their friend realizes the connection and bond they have and want to take it to a deeper level. Perhaps this is the day in which we fully realize our potential in life to become a better person, to drop a bad habit, or to encourage and empower others to live a better life, and one certainly worth living for.

There may be days we look forward to so much that we cannot wait until they arrive: vacations, promotions, a new movie or book that will be released, or a friend that will be coming to town to visit. Yet, there may also be days that we fear so strongly that we cannot seem to put them far enough away on our schedule: our last day of work before retirement, a date that we must say goodbye, or a dentist appointment. Then, the moment in which we are currently living, too, might not be as magical or wonderful as we might have hoped.

What we need to see in tomorrow is hope. What we need to see in today is potential, and what we need to see in the past is experience and wisdom.

It does no good to dwell on the negatives of the past. Instead, we should focus on the positives and remain hopeful on what tomorrow might bring all while appreciating and living in the moment.

With any horizon, one must keep in mind that it represents the sun setting for someone, and the sun rising for someone else. As we rotate around the sun on this fanciful place we call earth, our home; we are reminded. When our day comes to a close, it is only beginning for somebody else.

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and move on in our lives. Maybe there has been something that has been holding us back. Then, we ask ourselves. To whom or where is God calling us? Are we being called to something new and exciting? Are we being called to rid ourselves of previous baggage, or hindrances, or painful scars or memories?

Let’s greet the new with enthusiasm and move in the direction God is calling us.