Notes and thoughts on Rev. Melanie Ruta’s message Nov. 2, 2014


Pastor Melanie opened with a sports analogy—it is, after all, the middle of football season. Just as a football team works together to advance the ball down the field, teams of Christians must work together to advance the gospel for the next generation.

2 Cor 8 3-4  privilege of sharing Tuskawilla Presbyterian ChurchOne person can’t do it alone. It takes many disciples working together as the Body of Christ in teams we call congregations.

We are blessed by the teamwork of the disciples who came before us, blessed by those initial and successive generations of believers who worked together to pass the gospel along to each following generation.

The people in Macedonia had very little, but they wanted to give, they wanted the privilege of sharing what they had because they had been the recipients of God’s immeasurable grace.

When we are asked to give, the request might appeal to our compassion (tugging at our heartstrings), to our sense of obligation (it’s just something we’re supposed to do) or to our expectations (we’re going to get something in return). But as Christians, our reason for giving is far greater: Love.

Because we appreciate the blessings we have received, we give accordingly. We are motivated to give by the love of God who gave us His Son.

The gifts we have been given are not for our sake but so we can invest in the next generation. We are here to make new disciples and continue the cycle.

Today we are called to run an extreme race, one that is long and challenging, that cannot be completed alone and that often seems unsupported by our culture. If we are faithful to God’s call in our lives, He will equip us to do what He has called us to do.

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