In the past couple of years, I have noticed more and more signs popping up reminding us to “put the Christ back into Christmas.”

It’s our responsibility to remained focused on celebrating not only the birth but also the life of Jesus Christ.

Since we are called as Christians and followers of Christ, we need to act, think, live and speak accordingly. It is a lofty goal to be sure, but one that is attainable with enough effort and focus.

“To truly put the Christ back into Christmas, we need to be more like Christ in everything we think, say and do.”  ~ Rev. Chris KirwanWhat does it really mean to “put the Christ back into Christmas”?

What if, instead of insisting on saying “Merry Christmas” or acknowledging what specific holiday it is, what if we focus on “mas” [more] Christ?

The difference is subtle, but noticeable. For example, instead of becoming frustrated with the local retail clerk who happens to utter “Happy Holidays” to you instead of a “Merry Christmas,” you don’t get irritated or angry. Instead, tell them thank you and wish them a Merry Christmas yourself.

Yes, we can put the Christ back into Christmas, but in a much different way than people think. The focus should definitely be “mas” Christ.

Part of putting the Christ back into Christmas means recognizing the humility of Christ.

He loved those who were considered unlovable: the outcasts, the foreigners, and those considered to be on the lower rung of society. He served those who were considered unfit to be served. He took on the unwanted task of washing the disciples’ feet and bearing the burden of the punishment we all deserved by willingly accepting His own death on the cross.

By acknowledging, accepting and being more humble, we can put the Christ back into Christmas.

When we acknowledge that all of our fellow humans are just as much children of God as we are, we can begin to put the Christ back into Christmas. By not looking down upon others, or seeing others as different and as our equals no matter who they are, what situation they are in or what inner demons they are currently facing, we can begin to live into “Mas” Christ.

Another good way to put the Christ back into Christmas is to display our generosity—or at least acknowledge it from others.

Do you remember that time the poor widow was ridiculed by the Pharisees for putting the equivalent of only two pennies into the offering plate? She was commended by Christ for her great display of generosity, because it was a significant portion of her assets. We should do the same. By being more generous and living in a true spirit of giving and sharing our own assets, joys and love, we can begin reconnecting people to the true meaning of Christmas.

To truly put the Christ back into Christmas, we need to be more like Christ in everything we think, say and do.

The true focus should in fact be ChristMAS.

We can accomplish that by being more generous to others in need.

We can embrace a mindset of humility and not look down upon others because they may have less than we do, look different than we do or act differently than we do.

We can learn to embrace anyone and everyone no matter how they are viewed by others—or even ourselves.

Christ was a beacon of hope in a time where much darkness spread over the earth. It is no coincidence that the annual celebration of His birth also provides hope to others.

Let’s go out and live a little ChristMAS.