By Andrew Mills
TPC Student Ministry Director

Fort Blackmore Mission Project - Before

Fort Blackmore Mission Project – Before

It is hard to believe that our week here is over. It seems like we just arrived. That is, until you take a look at the house. The wheelchair ramp is completed, the house is painted and the Dorners are thrilled with the results.

Fort Blackmore Mission Project: After

Fort Blackmore Mission Project: After

The new ramp is wider, which will help Julie come and go more easily. On her last trip to the hospital, the paramedics had a difficult time navigating the old ramp. We also helped her today by going into town to pay her electric bill.

Friday morning, several members from TPC returned to the Kingston Center assisted-living center in Duffield. I played the guitar and together we sang several songs. Some of their favorites included “Jesus Loves Me,” “I’ll Fly Away” and “Leaning on His Everlasting Arms.” We met a really nice gentleman who was just full of stories. Unfortunately, we could understand only a word or two every other sentence, but that didn’t seem to matter. He was thrilled to have people to talk to. He even gave Harrison Hullinger a pencil, a reusable battery charger and a penny.

We bring back with us many memories – and nicknames “earned” throughout the week. Brian Brown came up with most of them. You will have to ask how we got then. Here they are:

Stink Pants (aka Hammer Harrison) – Harrison Hullinger
Hot Shot – Jake Sonnie
Jabber Jaw – Rockne Keyek
Coal Train – Colby Brockman
Bob the Builder – Bob Gray
Doctor Mud – Nathan Rudgers
Farm Boss (aka Nail Gail) – Gail Davis
Tumbles – Sundi Bales-Frank
Wonder Woman – Karen Gray
Dizzy – Kathy Vogt
Fill In – Phillip Peeples
Woodman – Brian Brown
Blog Master – Andrew Mills
Scout – Dawn Reed
Sweetie – Louise Milloy